Robert Hamilton
(bn:1770 ~ dd: bet.1822-1840)
son of

Robert Hamilton
Hester Chetwood Hamilton
of Dublin Ireland

      Robert was born into one of Dublin's more prestigeous and politically influential families. His uncle, Hugh Hamilton (c1728) was titled "Dean of Armagh" and "Bishop of Ossory". Robert's uncle George Hamilton was a member of parliament for Belfast, Solicitor General, and was "Baron of The Exchequer" His father was titled as "Attornatus". Robert himself was well educated in the classical arts including Greek and Latin.
      It was shortly after his fathers death in 1790 that Robert left Dublin, with a bountiful inheritance, some say because of political differences, and sailed to The United States.
      Robert Hamilton's legacy has flourished through all of his children in the mountains of North Carolina and elsewhere. Through over a dozen generations his issue has multiplied many thousand fold.

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     Robert landed in Charleston, South Carolina in 1791.
He married (cc1792)a Miss Altum and had two sons.
After her death he married, second (cc1799), Annie Finley
and had two daughters, also in Charleston.
      After the death of Annie, Robert moved to, what was then Buncombe County, North Carolina
where he married Ann Orr daughter of Robert Orr & Ann Hogshead.
Robert and Ann had nine children raising the total of thirteen,
five sons and eight daughters, in what was soon to become
parts of Henderson and Transylvania Counties

The children of Robert Hamilton
and Miss Altum are....        
1 . . .John Hamilton
      bn: Mar. 22, 1793
      md: ~ Polly Rhodes


2 . . . Robert Hamiltom
      bn: Jan. 22, 1797
      fam.#: [H-12]

The children of Robert Hamilton
and Annie Finley are....


3 . . . Loveda Hamilton
      bn: Feb. 19, 1800
      dd: Jul. 1, 1833
      Md: ~David Barnette


4 . . . Cynthia Hamilton
      bn: May 5, 1802
      md: ~.......? Johnson

The children of Robert Hamilton
and Ann Orr are....


5 . . . Ann Hamilton
      bn: May 20, 1804
      md: ~Robert McCall


6 ~~ Mary Hamilton
      bn: Jan. 16, 1807
      md: ~Solomon Jones


7 ~~~ William Orr Hamilton
      bn: Mar. 31,1809
      md: ~Polley McCall


8 ~~ Joseph Hamilton
      bn: May 21, 1811
      dd: Apr. 20, 1887
      md: ~Sarah Osteen


9 ~~ Elizabeth Hamilton
      bn: Feb. 24, 1814
      dd: 1898
      md: ~John Jones


10 ~~ Sabrina Hamilton
      bn: Jan. 31, 1816
      dd: Feb. 21,1888
      md: ~William Blythe


11 ~~ Julia Evaline Hamilton
      bn: May 25, 1818
      dd: Sept, 17, 1872
      md: ~John Cantrell


12 ~~ Martha Hamilton
      bn: cc1820


13 ~~ Voltaire Condorset Volney Hamilton
      bn: Jun.19,1822
      dd: May 12, 1908
      md: Elizabeth Evans

.. A short biography of Robert Hamilton
.. copy of text of contract with Cane Creek School
            in Buncombe Co. NC (now Henderson Co.)

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